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How we can help.

We offer the highest quality support to help you recover from substance abuse or misuse, burnout, addiction, damaging patterns and trauma.

Tailored programs.

Your program can be a private, fully exclusive in-person treatment stay at one of our villas worldwide, or as simple as one online coaching session per week. Programs are designed to meet you where you're at on your journey and are fully tailored to your needs. We also run addiction education and prevention talks for corporates.

Executive burnout breaks

You don’t have to hit rock bottom or identify as an addict to hit burnout. In fact, catching yourself before your alcohol usage becomes a problem or a potential case of workaholism destroys a relationship, is an excellent time to hit pause.

Online recovery programs

We work with our international team of addiction specialists and wellness experts to bring together a complete virtual program that works for you and to address all aspects of your healing - mind, body and spirit.

Talks and webinars

We offer global educational webinars and more intimate on-site talks to corporate organisations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. They are designed for three core groups: Executives, leaders and Chief roles; Heads of People & Culture and division heads; and direct teams.

Worldwide in-person retreats

Often, when life gets too much, a break from our surroundings can be the most powerful first step in breaking damaging behavioural cycles. We offer private retreats globally.

Get in touch today and we will create a tailored program to suit you.

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