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Time to hit pause.

Our Burnout Breaks are less than a rehab and more than a typical retreat. They deliver on short-term happiness and respite, and set you up for longer-lasting inner contentment and joy.

Uniquely designed for you.

Our Burnout Breaks stand out from a typical retreat, detox or relaxing holiday and are uniquely designed for you. Our assessment process ensures we can tailor your program on more than just your allergies: we ensure we take everything you share into consideration, including current painpoints and areas you'd like to work on.

Burnout breaks are both preventative and a solution. Before designing your stay we’ll simply ask you, confidentially, to get really honest with both yourself and us. We’re not going to subject you to hours of yoga or a zero-taste vegan diet unless that's what you specifically ask for. If you’re a vegan yogi, we’ve got you covered with next level healing experiences and opportunities for spiritual growth. If not, we'll create a program that suits what you want and provide our recommendations of what we believe you need to make the most out of your burnout break. We’ll customise your tech experience from delivering a total digital detox to allowing daily tech time. But, early morning social media or stock-market checks are off the menu.

You can expect a relaxing and rewarding break that includes some serious detoxing and personal growth. Your days will be filled or very loosely include, depending on where you're at, a combination of the following: time in beautiful nature, delicious healthy meals, smoothies and elixirs, massages, walks, waterfalls, beaches, pool time, the gym, transformational breathwork, somatic therapy, cognitive therapy, success coaching, and mindfulness practises.

It’s time to act.

Whether you're starting to feel the cracks or you're beyond burnout, please get in touch so we can help you take a necessary break.

If you’re looking to have a break closer to home we can work with you on finding a suitable venue in your home country.

What we provide

  • Private environment
  • Fully staffed exclusive villa
  • Team of specialists
  • 24/7 care and support
  • All meals, transfers and daily schedule
  • Daily checkins with your key coach


Upon arrival, we will:

  • Meet you at the airport
  • Take you to your private villa
  • Show you around and give you some time to settle in
  • Provide a meal
  • Meet with you to talk about your upcoming few days/weeks
  • Leave you in peace to start relaxing into your break

Your dedicated team

Upon your arrival you will meet with your key contact. Depending on your program, you may also meet with one or more of the following team for a brief introduction before meeting again for sessions during your stay:

  • Recovery coach
  • Psychologist
  • Yoga teacher
  • Nutritionist
  • Breathwork teacher
  • Personal trainer

Get in touch today and we will create a tailored program to suit you.

Book a burnout break

About the facilitators.

Owners and facilitators Sophie and Kylie have deep personal histories of highly functioning addiction and burnout in the corporate world. Now in long term recovery, they use their own experiences - in addition to academic, practical training - to help others. They really ‘get it’, and know what it means to successfully lead a sober life.

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