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About us. 

From Here On has an exceptional, global, multi-disciplinary team of addiction specialists, including Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Clinical Nutritionists, Recovery Coaches, Mindfulness & Behavioural Change Coaches, Breathwork and Yoga Practitioners, and Somatic Therapists.

Clinical Team

Dr Reshie Joseph, MB chB MSc.

Dr Reshie Joseph, MB chB MSc.


Dr Reshie is a consultant and a referrer to From Here On. He is primarily a clinician who has trained many of our team at his organisation - The Living Free Institute. Reshie acts as a consultant to organisations outside his own, and in this capacity has reviewed and approved  the From Here On treatment model and processes. He also refers suitable clients onto the From Here On Aftercare Programs.

Reshie began his professional career as a doctor. Having since left medical practice and after fully retraining, he now works as a counselling psychologist with a specialist practice in DSM-5 trauma and stress or related disorders, including ICD-11 complex PTSD/DSM 5 unspecified trauma.

His previous work experience includes working within the criminal justice system in Singapore as part of the prison psychiatric team treating individuals with a wide range of serious psychiatric illnesses and severe personality and behavioural disorders.

More recently, Reshie has spent time working in the private sector with The Cabin Addiction Services Group as a substance abuse and trauma therapist at Asia's largest inpatient rehabilitation centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As Head of the Trauma program at the inpatient facility, he led a team of counsellors in delivering a full inpatient trauma program. He eventually set up The Cabins' outpatient facility in Singapore as Head Counsellor in 2015 which included the only fully dedicated intensive outpatient program for psychological trauma in Asia.

Currently, he is in private practice as a clinical practitioner specialising in the psychotherapeutic treatment of complex psychological trauma, PTSD, addictions and other trauma-related disorders. He also acts as a consultant to multiple organisations, teaches on the subject of trauma and has recently published his first book on Amazon titled "A beginner's guide to trauma".

Dr Glenn Graves

Dr Glenn Graves

Lead Psychologist | Relationship & Family Therapist | Sex Addiction Specialist

Glenn is the Director and Lead Clinical Psychologist at Counseling Perspective, Singapore and joins the From Here On Team as a psychologist, relationship therapist and family systems expert.

Believing that the best therapy is holistic, Glenn draws on a range of techniques to serve the unique needs of each of his clients. His counselling philosophy emphasises the power of an individual's present and future, without minimising the influences of the past. Glenn takes an integrative approach, utilising techniques from Behavioural, CBT, Adlerian, Existential, and Person Centered therapies. He also specialises in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) and can explain its effectiveness as a short-term approach with long term effects in resolving anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, low self esteem, and many other faulty belief systems.

Glenn holds a PhD in Psychology with specialisation in Creativity and Existential-Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy and believes that creativity is an essential component in healing. His Master’s Degree in Psychology and his Bachelor of Arts in Human Development were an instrumental part of his early career when he focused on healing approaches for victims of human trafficking. 

He also has a certificate in Intermediate Training in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosisand a certificate in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) from the EMDR Institute, Inc. He is an accredited facilitator for the FOCCUS marriage preparation and enrichment programme.

For nearly two decades, Glenn has counselled Singaporean and expatriate individuals and families on a variety of issues, including post traumatic stress disorder, anger management, anxiety, stress, alcohol abuse, marital conflicts, cross cultural marital conflicts, divorce, sex addiction, adolescents and their family, sexual abuse, ageing, body image, self esteem, and grief. Glenn also formerly lectured at the School of Positive Psychology in Singapore.

Glenn completed the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy and is certified as an AASAT Therapist. Glenn is one of the few experts in sex addiction counseling in Singapore. He is the only Sex Addiction Therapist certified with AASAT in Southeast Asia. Glenn is based in Singapore but also available in Bali by prior arrangement.

Glenn is also a CTI (Coaches Training Institute) trained life coach, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Sally Joseph

Sally Joseph

Clinical Nutritionist

Sally Joseph is a leading Australian Clinical Nutritionist, speaker, author and health & wellbeing coach, with over 20 years experience - in both private practice and industry consulting.

She has been consulted by many celebrity clients, including celebrity journalist, Sarah Wilson – who was inspired to write I Quit Sugar after undergoing Sally’s Eat Yourself Healthy Program. Other clients include international model Miranda Kerr, seven times world champion surfer Layne Beachley & Tom Carroll, INXS, model Lara Worthington, British artist, Tracey Emin, members of the international Quicksilver pro surf team, St George rugby league, members of the NSW Waratahs and Kellogg’s Iron men and women, along with cast & crew from Hollywood films, Mission Impossible, Matrix Trilogy, Moulin Rouge and Superman – The Return.

Sally was inspired to become a Clinical Nutritionist through her personal battle with several chronic illnesses, including Chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s, Lupus and a benign pituitary adenoma. Using nutritional and herbal medicine, combined with an anti inflammatory diet, Sally was able to not only recover from these conditions, but go onto achieve an optimal level of health and vitality that has remained with her today. Sally’s approach to her patients health care, differs considerably from the conventional medicine model, because she focuses on treating at a cellular level to effectively target the underlying root cause of the health issue, vs treating symptoms alone.  

Her strong technical background and years of clinical experience, lead her to develop a unique and effective treatment program which mentors participants step-by-step through her program, guiding them on how to target the root cause of any health condition and achieve lasting results, through restoring optimal gut health.

​Sally’s holistic approach to health incorporates a combination of nutritional and herbal medicine therapies, in conjunction with teaching her clients how to use their food as medicine and how to make appropriate lifestyle modifications - to create a permanent and optimal shift in their physical and mental health and day-to-day functioning.

Sally's book, Love Your Gut, is available to buy on her website.

Lead Therapists & Coaches

Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor

Psychotherapist | Addiction Specialist | Adolescent specialist

Chad Taylor has deep experience in helping others recover from substance dependency, and himself has 22 years of sobriety. He specialises in addiction and relationship counselling, with particular expertise in Process Work. Process-oriented Psychotherapy focuses on understanding human experience and change, designed for working with the entire spectrum of human consciousness. He doesn’t offer formulaic, theoretical, or out-of-touch advice. Instead, he uses a highly effective and unique approach that dives deep into clients’ unconscious to help them overcome their challenges to achieve long term recovery, and develop stronger relationships with loved ones that have been affected along the way.

Chad recognises a client’s path similar to his own, and can relate to another’s struggle because he too had reached out for therapy to work on his trauma, struggles with anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Every day, he is proud to work with people who are brave and courageous, in spite of their own fears.

Establishing a solid therapy relationship with his clients is essential to Chad. He is a compassionate and nonjudgmental therapist, and grasps his clients’ emotional goals, taking them into account throughout the therapeutic journey and always treating them with respect.

Chad is a fellow traveller on the road to recovery, walking beside his clients, sharing some of his experience, strength and hope, so they too may change their reality.

Lucy Borne-Blumenschein

Lucy Borne-Blumenschein

Psychologist | Internal Family systems expert

Lucy is a holistic therapist trained in psychology, hypnosis and somatic understanding. Additionally, she has the great privilege of being one of few to study under renowned Physician Dr. Gabor Maté, practicing the principles of Compassionate Inquiry. She also uses IFS (Internal Family Systems)in her practice.

Lucy holds has a MSc Psychology (BPS accredited), a BSc Psychology & Counselling, is Certified Consulting Hypnosis, Addiction TC facilitator, Mindfulness-based therapy graduate, Polyvagal Theory informed and Hakomi Technique informed, LCCI Certified Life Coach and Level 1 Shiatsu.

Lucy is highly experienced working with complex trauma and addiction, in particular working with the partners and family of sufferers of addiction. With a depth and breath of compassionate methodologies and work experience she is confident in her ability to fully support her clients. Over the past five years through her private practice and in partnership with Counseling Perspective, Singapore, she has worked with organisation such as DrugFam, NGO suicide prevention, sex and love addition support communities in Hong Kong, US and Singapore. She also supports family members of addicts in the 12 step community and additional support groups. She is currently based in the UK and joins the FHO team in their virtual bespoke recovery programs.

Joshua Burkhant

Joshua Burkhant

Mindfulness Coach | Behavioural Change Expert

Joshua is a Mindfulness Coach and Behavioural Change Expert working with clients to improve their awareness of the moment, their behaviours, mindsets and patterns. He works with clients to ensure a strong foundation in meditation—and all the biological benefits of this practice—as well as an understanding of the self in context: why people are behaving as they are, the stories they are telling about their behaviour, a discovery of their values and the next step in making these values a reality.

Josh has undergone training for hypnosis and coaching through Positive Changes before working with clients at their clinic on a multitude of symptoms ranging from addictions to anxiety. Witnessing the common thread of trauma beneath his client’s conditions, Joshua launched his personal practice in 2017 to better address the traumatic root cause.

Katie Nesbitt

Katie Nesbitt

Breathwork Practitioner | Somatic Therapist

Katie has always had a deep passion for health and understands how optimal wellness involves both the mind and body. She has a degree in Psychology (specializing in Sports Psychology), and managed Corporate Wellness Programs at Fortune-10 corporations in the USA. During this time, her enthusiasm for yoga led her to complete her 500 hour-RYT in Los Angeles, CA and Thailand. Katie has completed additional certificate trainings in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction); Somatic Therapy; Trauma-Informed Yoga; Breathwork; Reiki; Body Work; and more. She appreciates the depths of yoga, and the profound impact it can make on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Nicola Vella-Burrows

Nicola Vella-Burrows

somatic movement therapist | psycho-spiritual healer | master facilitator of holotropic breathwork

Nicola perceives that the physical body is a harbour for our deepest insights, wisdom, wounds, and traumas. Her practice with clients merges dialogue with experiential somatic practices, in order to facilitate a reconnection with the body in ways that trigger our innate capacity to heal from within.

Nicola initially trained in music, dance and expressive art therapy with the Tamalpa Institute in England and California, working with individuals experiencing mental ill-health and addiction. She subsequently moved to Bali, where she underwent extensive training in breathwork. For Nicola, breathwork became the integrative practise that brought together the creative nature of the body and the spiritual wisdom of the unconscious.

Nicola explores with clients and mentees the interweaving of personal development, trauma healing, creative expression, spirituality and purpose. She creates a loving, empathic, non-judgmental environment where the whole spectrum of human emotion and experience is welcomed. Nicola invites vulnerability and empowerment to meet in this space; the ultimate conclusion is profound healing, through which the soul’s true calling can be heard.


Because their own journeys were the biggest challenges of their lives, founders Kylie and Sophie use their lived experience to help others on that path they know well themselves.

Sophie and Kylie have deep personal histories in recovery, in addition to academic, practical training and experience to really ‘get it’, and know what it means to successfully lead a sober life. Addiction treatment and helping those who suffer has become their life mission. With extensive experience in the corporate world, both Kylie and Sophie also have a strong understanding of the needs of executive level individuals and for discretion with these delicate matters.

After trying every method from rehab to 12 Step, Kylie and Sophie dug deep to work on the causes for their behaviours rather than trying to mask and manage the symptoms, and instead beat their demons successfully with hard work in the right areas of their lives. They decided to help others and together formed From Here On. Kylie and Sophie work together to assist individuals suffering with addictions, free themselves from the shackles and lead fulfilling lives. Addiction treatment and helping others find recovery is a cause they are deeply dedicated to.

As your recovery coaches, they will help you identify your blind spots or triggers, and work with you to develop and strengthen a set of tools to keep you on track, even in the most challenging situations. They'll also be there to ground you with support, guidance and accountability for when things feel tough. While recovery from addiction is the primary focus, Kylie and Sophie address your whole life, encompassing health and wellness, self-care, and coping skills.


Kylie Butler

Kylie’s clients often choose to work with her as she brings her wealth of broader corporate, life and academic experience to her coaching. Kylie has been coaching executives for ten years and specialised her coaching practice to focus on addiction and trauma recovery in 2019. During her prior 15+ year Human Resources career she held a number of senior leadership roles, including Head of People & Culture and Talent Director.

Kylie has always had a deep interest in understanding people’s psychological drivers and has spent many years studying to better understand the human mind. Kylie has paired continual academic study with the study of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Recently she studied Complex Psychological Trauma under Dr Reshie Joseph (MBBS. MSc.) and is a certified Recovery Coach (certified by the APCB). She also dedicates a significant portion of her time to recovery service and aid work, recently co-founding an aid project in Bali.

Kylie is in recovery from alcoholism and her personal recovery journey spans the last ten years. Kylie’s coaching style is a combination of motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, and draws on the latest neuroscience. Her approach is direct, compassionate and action-oriented. Her clients often comment on her smarts, kindness and the fact that she is unwaveringly supportive. Originally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Kylie now lives in Bali and works globally via Zoom.


+61 424 574 556


Sophie Aghdami

At the heart of Sophie’s recovery coaching practice is a firm belief in an individual’s capacity for change and personal transformation. She also truly believes in the value of a coach, because it’s one of the main reasons she is thriving in life today, free from past damaging patterns and behaviours.

Experience is our biggest opportunity to grow, and Sophie uses her personal transformative experiences to help others encounter long term, rewarding personal growth and life satisfaction 'on the other side’ of addiction. It is possible to attain, and maintain, a life of meaning, purpose and joy in recovery.

Sophie’s coaching method includes evidence-based psychological and behaviour change methods, and neuroscience. She does not ascribe to one particular pathway – her approach honours individuality and tailors sessions using a range of strategies for the best outcomes.

Sophie thrives on helping others find their experience of 'flow' – a state of being in which you are fully immersed and at one with what you are doing. The mental, physical, and spiritual are all in sync working in perfect accord toward reaching the vision.

Sophie is accredited with the International Coaches' Register: the worldwide quality mark for active and excellently trained professional coaches. Having grown up in Switzerland and the UK, Sophie now lives in Australia and works with clients worldwide.

Sophie is also deeply passionate about protecting the environment, and dedicates time to a marine conservation charity based in Australia and India.


  • Recovery Wellness Coach - International Coaches' Register
  • Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance
  • BA Hons in Communications and Marketing