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Exclusive, private and highly confidential 1:1 programs for professionals ready to find freedom from substance abuse and burnout. Specialised coaching, in-person retreats, online programs, and post-rehab aftercare.


Real recovery
is possible.

Whether you’re in addiction yourself, or are someone looking to help another struggling, real recovery is possible. You’ll soon discover that a much more fulfilling life awaits. Freedom from obsession, chaos, lies, shame and deception. No matter how many times you may have tried in the past, it’s time to focus on what you can now for longlasting results, from here on.

For individuals

Tailored worldwide programs to meet you on your journey.

We provide highly confidential, private in-person or online programs, so you can choose to take a break from your environment or work on your recovery from the comfort and safety of your home or home office.

We work with you to develop a program that works for you - and for the long term.

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Rehab partnerships

Because aftercare can’t be an afterthought.

We work closely with a number of highly reputable rehabs to bridge the gap between their programs and clients’ entry back into ‘real life’ to help those individuals maintain successful, long term recovery.

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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

It’s happening closer to home than you might realise.

If you’re an employer or People and Culture representative, it’s your duty of care to protect the wellbeing of your employees. Their good health is the crown jewel of every company. We work with corporates to strengthen their EAP and EVP programs by providing confidential one-to-one coaching for their employees.

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We get it.

Our team members have academic, practical training and experience as well as deep personal histories in recovery to really ‘get it’ and help others successfully lead lives on the other side of substance abuse or burnout.

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Our Approach

We offer the highest quality programs to help individuals recover from substance abuse, addiction and damaging behaviour patterns.

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What next?

If you're an individual looking to strengthen your recovery from addiction, a rehab representative looking for a partnership, or EAP representative looking to deepen your employee support, please get in touch.

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Case Studies


Brendon is a male senior leadership professional in his late 30s, living in Hong Kong, though travelling extensively. Throughout Brendon’s exciting career and life he had suffered different addictions, putting one down and picking up another: drink, drugs, sex and work.

I have been with Kylie for well over 6 months, working through various addictive behaviours relating to childhood trauma. Kylie’s expertise lies in her combination of empathy and understanding of how we operate on a psychological and biological level. She combines this knowledge with a deep understanding of spirituality which I feel is essential when entering into recovery. The sessions are built around trust and empathy. There is always a clear road map at the end which offers practice strategy on how to deal with the issues as they arise.


Highly functioning addiction

What is highly functioning addiction and what are the signs to look out for?

Am I drinking too much?

What are the signs that you may be drinking too much?