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Exclusive, private and highly confidential 1:1 programs for individuals ready to find freedom from substance abuse and burnout. Personalised coaching, virtual rehab and in-person treatment options.

Real recovery
is possible.

Even if you can’t imagine your life without drink, drugs, or compulsive sex right now, you’ll soon discover that a much more fulfilling life awaits. Freedom from obsession, chaos, lies, shame and deception to yourself and others is possible. No matter how many times you may have tried in the past, it’s time to focus on what you can do to start a new, fulfilling life free from addiction, from here on.

Tailored worldwide programs to meet you on your journey.

We provide highly confidential, private in-person or online programs, so you can choose to take a break from your environment or work on your recovery from the comfort and safety of your home or home office.

We work with you to develop a program that works for you - and for the long term.

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There is a solution.

If you keep the same trajectory you could lose your job, partner, family and mental health. If you long for the days when you had careless fun and enjoyed life without the fear of your addictive behaviours, have faith that this is all possible in recovery.

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It’s time to act.

Despite being a high achiever and having an enviable life on the outside, you might be struggling while your addictive behaviours continue to get out of control.

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, or you can choose the road less travelled. The path of least resistance will probably result in the same outcomes. If you want something different to happen, you’ll need to do something different.

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We get it.

Our team members have academic, practical training and experience as well as deep personal histories in recovery to really ‘get it’ and help others successfully lead lives on the other side of substance abuse or burnout.

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Our Approach

We offer the highest quality programs to help you recover from substance abuse, addiction and damaging behaviour patterns.

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What next?

Your program can be a private, fully exclusive in-person treatment stay at one of our villas worldwide, or as simple as one online coaching session per week. Programs are designed to meet you where you're at on your journey and are fully tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s daily, weekly or ongoing treatment, you’ll have a dedicated team in your corner supporting you all the way to reaching your desired recovery and life goals.

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Case Studies


Routine: a game-changer.

With far-reaching psychological benefits, a routine allows you to carve out time for what really matters - and strengthens your recovery.

The Amygdala hijack.

When the amygdala hijacks the brain's frontal lobes in response to stress, it can trigger a relapse.