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Addiction in the workplace.

It’s happening closer to home than you might realise.

The global health pandemic has started a global mental health crisis: we are now experiencing a severe ‘hangover’ from the impact of lockdowns, lock-ins and all the other challenges that have come with COVID-19. This is severely impacting high achievers in particular due to the nature of those individuals’ unique mindset and lifestyle.

Tailored employee coaching to conquer addiction.

Throughout an individual’s program they’ll have a dedicated coach supporting them all the way to reaching their desired recovery and life goals. We utilise a combination of tools and approaches, from traditional psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, compassionate enquiry, mindfulness, goals-oriented coaching, experiential learning, somatics and spiritual principles.

We tailor our work together using a range of strategies for the best outcomes. We help the individual dive deep into their purpose, their ‘raison d’être’, and motivation for their recovery journey. This helps them work out what they want, most importantly why they want it, and what could be stopping them, before we create a plan of action together.

We also support you with developing the language and marketing materials to best connect with your employees and encourage them to take the next step in seeking support.

It’s time to act.

If you’d like to integrate these vital services for employees into your EAP offering, please get in touch.

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About the facilitators.

Owners and facilitators Sophie and Kylie have deep personal histories of highly functioning addiction and burnout in the corporate world. Now in long term recovery, they use their own experiences - in addition to academic, practical training - to help others. They really ‘get it’, and know what it means to successfully lead a sober life.

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