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There is a solution.

We offer the highest quality support to help individuals recover from substance abuse or misuse, burnout, addiction, damaging patterns and trauma.

From Here On does not employ the traditional methods of recovery that haven’t worked for you in the past.

Our approach is based on the latest findings from the neuroscience of addiction and complex trauma. We employ a science-based approach and apply a layered complexity of understanding in a simple format. We offer more than just good willed support for your recovery: we practise methods that keep you in recovery and help you start loving your life without alcohol, drugs or addictive behaviours.

Our service is a unique approach to recovery and incorporates CBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, goal setting, accountability and peer support. Our method is based on the latest understanding of the neuroscience of addiction and complex trauma. Your private team or coach will work with you to achieve your recovery goals, let go of damaging behaviours and build resilience to deal with life’s challenges.

The approach we take is one of consciously co-creating with you the life you want without drink, drugs or damaging behaviours.

Together with you, we develop mindfulness practices and work with grounding tools to maintain or reach a sense of calm and take away the desire to pick up. We utilise a combination of tools and approaches, from traditional psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, compassionate enquiry, mindfulness, goals-oriented coaching, experiential learning, somatics and Buddhist principles.

After a full online assessment of your condition and current situation, From Here On will put together a fully-personalised recovery program and your program will address all aspects of your healing - mind, body and spirit (for those with a spiritual belief system).

We work with individuals who:

  • have recently gotten sober (on their own or through a detox or rehab) and are ready to build a fulfilling life without alcohol
  • are looking to stop drinking or drugging and desire an alternative to 12 Step or traditional therapy
  • are really serious and committed to building a better life free from addiction

We hope to help everyone who contacts us, however it won’t be the right fit for:

  • individuals amidst the throws of active addiction looking for a short reprieve or to moderate their drinking or addictive behaviours
  • individuals who can’t commit to at least a month of recovery coaching

Partnering with From Here On is so much more than learning how not to drink or avoid addictive behaviours. You’ll uncover your own mind and the mysteries that lead you to the place you’re at right now, learn why you act the way you do, deliver insights, and support you to enjoy the recovery journey. Initially, the support is often focused on alleviating distress but within weeks, sometimes even days, the journey becomes an empowering one where you’ll see yourself thriving in all areas of your life.

Please be aware that a condition of the programs is to be sober from chemical addictions. This is important for your own well being and progress. You will need to have a period of sobriety to enter the program (the length of sobriety will depend on the severity of the prior addiction, from 1 week to 3 months). In regards to ‘process’ addictions like gambling and sex, individual assessments will identify if we are able to take you on immediately. Without substances in your system it’s likely you can start immediately. If you are currently in active addiction, we can still help - initially in other ways, such as assisting you to get sober with a home detox, referral to detox or rehab. Once you’re free from acute withdrawal, we can actively start working with you. We’re happy to guide you through the process of detox to working with us and building a new life free from addiction.

We offer the highest quality programs to help individuals recover from substance abuse, addiction and damaging behaviour patterns.

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